A little bit of history

Who we are?

La Vie en Sucre, born in 2021, is without question Lyon's premier Brigadeiro boutique online shop. Our little cuties are lovingly handmade, rolled one by one, and are gluten and preservative free.

Chic and super delicious, La Vie en Sucre brings lots of different and inovative flavors and forms of this Brazilian sweet. From the most traditional chocolate, to the very french crème brûlée flavor, with lots of other ones in between and vegan options.

La Vie en Sucre is always inovating and bringing new tastes to our menu and to you. Made with the top ingredients for an unforgettable experience.

Let us make your wedding, bridal shower, kid's birthday party or personal gift, a little more special and unique.

The beauty and the wonder of

The Brigadeiro

Brigadeiro (pronounced "Bree-Gah-Day-Ro") is a Brazilian sweet treat that was created by a group of ladies in the 1940’s. They named their delicacy after a renowned Brazilian politician of the 1940’s, Brigadier Eduardo Gomes.

They passed out the Brigadeiros to encourage people to find favor in the Brigadier. Brigadier Eduardo Gomes was tall, dark and handsome, with piercing blue eyes, and he was SINGLE!!

Despite his outstanding physical attributes and his being an Air Force brigadier general (who gained notoriety for playing a part in quashing a communist coup in Rio), he could not win the presidency in either 1946 or 1950….though he did win the hearts of most Brazilian women.